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HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points)

HACCP is an administrative framework where sanitation is tended to the investigation and control of organic, synthetic, and physical dangers from crude material creation, acquisition and taking care of, to assembling, conveyance and utilization of the items.

These preventive frameworks with documents are broadly perceived by specialists as well as worldwide associations as HACCP Certification empowers the makers, merchants, to use specialized assets proficiently and in a financially savvy way in guaranteeing sanitation.




The prominent advantages of HACCP are enlisted as:

  • Increases food safety and quality
  • Effective utilization of means and assets, and in time address to food safety queries
  • Helps examination by administrative specialists and advances universal exchange by expanding purchaser trust in sanitation
  • Conservation of funds
  • Licit obedience
  • Standardized procedure to deliver safe food
  • Collaboration and proficiency of staff